Prime Time Pursuits

Grafton, Ontario
K0K 2G0

Telephone: 905-349-2556
cell: 905-376-5095

Who we are

Jeff Gill SR. - Owner & Guide ()

Jeff Sr has set his sights on the fishing end of things and decided that his fishing experience should be used in the summer out on Lake Ontario fishing for the highly saught after Chinook Salmon and rainbow and brown trout and enjoys every second he gets to spend out on the lake.


Mike Gill - Guide

Mike is the owner of PTP and belongs to several outdoors organizations including Delta waterfowl, Ontario federation of Angler and Hunters. Etc... He also finds time in his schedule to train retrievers. The people that know Mike best say he was born with a gun in one hand and a fishing rod in another, he is a self taught game caller who proves his skills on a daily basis,and has entered and placed high and even won several waterfowl and Turkey calling competitions in the past few years. Mike's passion and dedication for hunting takes his experience level well beyond his years.


Jeff Gill JR. - Guide

Jeff is the oldest of the 2 boys in the Gill family and has been hunting and fishing all his life. His desire to spend as much time hunting or fishing is matched only by his dedication to preservation of habitat for wildlife and waterfowl. Jeff jr. has spent the last few years hunting and working in Alberta and is now training his black lab “cal”. Jeff Jr has returned home from Alberta to help run the family business.


Shane Hoskin - Guide

Shane has proved himself to be an avid waterfowler and has learned the needed skills to provide a very rewarding hunt to our clients. He brings a great attitude. The long days of guiding hunts and little sleep seem to fit into what he likes best. Huntintg geese and ducks and he sure can put things into a different perspective on the funnier side of things