Prime Time Pursuits provides a first class hunting or fishing trip The owners Mike and Jeff Gill who total up to over 50 years of hunting and fishing experience will do what is required to see that you have the best possible time during your stay with us Our goal is to make you happy so that you come back again, and again.

WHAT WE OFFER Some of south central Ontario’s best goose and duck hunting includes greater and lesser Canada geese, Mallards Pintails Woodies Teal Bluebills Whistlers Buffleheads and the odd Black duck.These will be hunted from corn and grain fields or layout boats if you wish a water hunt . With the eastern wild turkey numbers over 100,000 the success rate is high .With coyote populations the highest they have ever been and teamed up with a pro guide caller the success rate is also very high. Farm pheasant hunts and golf are also a big gap fillers between hunts and can be put into packages.

WHERE WE ARE We are located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in south central Ontario Canada on the outskirts of the village of Grafton Ont. 1 hr. east of Toronto and 1 hr. west of Kingston just North of hwy 401 We are easily accessed from hwy 401 and serviced by Toronto international airport where client pick up can be prearranged easily.


Wild Turkey $325.00 full day
EarlyGoose Sept 12 to 22 daily limit increased to 10 birds $300.00
Goose & Duck Sept 25 – Jan 9 daily limit 5 & 6
Spring Goose Season Feb 26 - March 5 daily limit increased to 10 $300.00
Predator {Fox & Coyote} October to February